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Open Fire was the brainchild of Jeff Penn and Kevin Kelton, who co-founded the Facebook group in 2014. Our modest goal was to create a forum for civil, intelligent political discussions - not the vulgar verbal mud-wrestling we were seeing in other debate groups. Our mantra is to debate with honor, not debase with insults. Today, with almost 11,000 members spanning the political spectrum, we have a bigger ambition: to become a relevant, powerful voice in national politics. We hope to achieve that by leveraging social media, expanding our footprint, and partnering with other groups to magnify our voice. We hope you'll join us in that lofty goal. So please join the group, read our Guidelines, and jump in. If you have a Facebook group that you think would be a good match for us, please contact me through a PM or email. Let's make the citizen voice count. Kevin Kelton Co-Founder and Lead Administrator, Open Fire. Click here to join, Mention "website" when joining. Meet the team behind Open Fire

Election 2018

Featured Opinion From Open Fire

John Bradley, January 6, 2017

This will be an interesting election. If twenty four House seats flip from Republican to Democrat, we will have a Democratic Party majority. There are early indications that the Democrats could pull majority wins and I predict they will. A lot of polls are showing huge wins. I think Governor Jay Inslee, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association said it well, "There's no other way to argue it except for the objective fact that our people are voting in droves, and their people are staying home in more .

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Trump Watch

Featured Opinion From Open Fire

Kevin Kelton, January 6, 2017

"THE RUSSIA SHOW" The other day on MSNBC's "The Beat with Ari Melber," HuffPost Editorial Director Howard Fineman said that he doesn't think Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be able to make a case for obstruction of justice against the president, but he does think Mueller has a strong case for collusion. One hour later on the same network, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele told Chris Matthews that he doesn't think Mueller can make a case for...more .


Kevin Kelton

Kevin Kelton is the co-founder and lead administrator of Open Fire . He is a professional writer, screenwriting instructor, and co-host of the political podcast, The More Perfect Union."

Wally Gold

Wally Gold Political moderate liberal leaning. Living in Indiana for the next year in the heart of Red Republican country. Traveled the country meeting a lot of people of different political views.


Paul Block

Paul is a long time member and administrator at Open Fire Politics.


Jeff Penn

Jeff is a co-founder and an administrator at Open Fire Politics